Thursday, November 24, 2005

Farewell dinner.

Thanks for everyone who came out to my 'goodbye dinner.' It was such a cold night but filled with warm hearts. I am running around town today packing up my room in Dc to move to philly to move to Zimbabwe. I am not sure what I am feeling more nervous or excited. It is a strange combination of both. I hope to be able to send out my new mailing address and email soon, but seeing as I do not have them this proves to be a bit of a challenge.

Yesterday, my last day of work was a bit sad, oddly enough. I have grown to really love the people that I work with and hope that my new co-workers are equally as enjoyable. I can honestly say that I will not miss the inordinate amount of drunk people that come into the hospital thinking that they are checking into the Hotel Washington not the George Washington ER.


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