Thursday, November 17, 2005

what the future holds.

So basically I have been running around getting together all the proper documents and the proper shoes for the rainy season, and then today I thought what am I doing all this for?

Is the trip with MSF solely for the experience? Do I have some altruistic side that needs to help? Am I hoping to shift my career path? All of these are good questions that I do not have the answers for. All I have is a gut feeling that is telling me that this is the right move for right now. Oddly enough that IS enough for right now. It will be a wonderful experience both good and bad, and I do enjoy giving back to the world that has given me so much. Plus a year in Africa on an HIV prevention program can not look bad on the old CV. I will think more on these issues, but not at 10pm.

On a less philosophical note today fortune looked upon me. I had been driving around 14th and G streets for about 20 minutes looking for a parking spot so that I could stop at the Board of Nursing to get my letter of good standing and obtain my international drivers license from the AAA on 15th street. Finally on 12th street I find a parking spot, reverse into it and have to make some corrections since the park job was really not that good. Then I turned the radio off, (to save the battery that keeps dying) put the car in park and get out, locking the doors. As I was putting money in the meter I noticed the car looked like it was still running......oh yeah.....I had locked the car with the keys in the ignition and the motor running. GREAT! The fortune part comes when I went to the back hatch/window and realized I never do lock that back window! So I climbed in, unlocked the doors and turned the car off not forgetting the keys this time! Thanks Babci!


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