Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Another Day Another Rain Storm...

Holy Crap! When they say it is the rainy season they are not kidding. The storms these past few days have created pools in the roads and soaked me on a daily basis.
Regardless of the rain, this week has started out as an interesting one. It was my first week working alone and I felt better than I had expected. There were obviously some things that I did not know, but as a whole the people I am working with are very helpful and always open to questions. The patients in the clinic laugh at me when I run up and down the hallway looking for tests results that are placed in this basket in the main office. The system is not that great and most of the results are handwritten on paper and never in the file when you need them.
Yesterday when we were leaving the clinic we ran into an accident in which a pedestrian was struck by a car. One older gentleman was in the road and he had obviously hit his head because there was a lot of blood on the road, but he was still conscious and speaking to us. I felt like I was back in the ER of George Washington calling a trauma white. However there was no CT scan and the team of 15 or so that usually converged in the ER now consisted of Elena and Esther the two Spanish doctors and myself with no supplies. Usually in the MSF cars we have a medical kit, but as Murphy┬┤s law would have it today it was not in the car because the day before it was in the back of the truck and had gotten wet. In actuality there was not much that we could have done. The ambulance came in about 5-10 minutes and the men did not even get out the stretcher and were about to lift the man with their hands, until we suggested they use the spine board and collar that they had in the ambulance.
I moved into the room that will be mine for the coming year last night since the nurse I replaced left on Monday. It was the first day that I felt homesick. I looked at some of the photos of my family and felt my chest grow tight with missing them. I think now that I am settling into the house I am realizing that I am here for one year. Still, I am really excited about the upcoming year, but missing the states a bit. I miss watching CNN and knowing what is going on the world. My world here has been overcome by Zimbabwean politics and HIV. I do not have a tv and the internet is so slow that I usually do not get the chance to read washingtonpost.com, but I am going to need to change that in the coming weeks. I miss you all and love getting your comments from the blog and your emails so keep them coming!!!!


Blogger Gabby said...

Hi Nancy!!
I love reading your blog, and hearing all the day to day details that you can only get from someone who is living there and experiencing all that you are experiencing. I'm sure that is hard to be away from home, family, and friends, especially now that it's Christmas week, but know that the work that you are doing there is so important and that you are making a difference is these people's lives. I am proud of you for committing a year of your life to this, and will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts!!! And flies do suck, but at least you're missing the ice storms panicked strip mall Christmas shoppers :).
Lots of love to you!

11:01 PM  

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