Saturday, December 03, 2005

Arrived in Harre

After about 14 hours in the plane (from Barcelona - Amsterdam-Narobi-Harre) I finally arrived in the capital. It is so exciting to actually be in Africa, an area that I have never been before.
Today I met the financial admin, Nuria as well as the logistical coord., Basila. Both have been here for many months and took me around to the super market, which was surprisingly Western and to dinner. The hyperinflation is the most surprising thing I have noticed. One coke costs about 75,000 Zim dollars. Our meal for 3 cost 1.6million Zim dollars. The check out clerks really have their work cut out for them with counting all that money. I was given a monthly stipend and changed $50 US dollars to zim dollars, so I have almost $3million Zim dollars in my purse. I feel like I am in some mafia movie with that stacks of cash.
Seeing the capital and reading about Zimbabwe are two different things. If I did not know about the almost 80% unemployment and the sanctions I would not have any idea about them today. The capital is a bustling (western type) city with a few skyscrapers and many cars on the road. The supermarket was packed and people were dressed nicely. It was only upon asking questions that I learned due to the sanctions oil is very hard to obtain and the Zimbabwean Air actually grounded all of its domestic flights due to oil shortage. There is also roaming electric shortages. Tonight at dinner the lights went out for a few minutes and the waiter exclaimed, ¨oh, my zimbabwe.¨
I should leave Harre on Monday after a stop at the embassy and the MSF office in town. I do miss all my friends and family, but know you are in my thoughts and prayers..


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