Sunday, December 04, 2005

Day 2

Today I got a full appreciation for the rainy season. There were thunderstorms and lightning everywhere. Puddles were all over the road as well. Apparently, this is a welcome change from the dry season that has just finished. Personally I am still not a fan of running from the rain. This afternoon Nuria, Vasilli, and I went to an open air market (when it was not raining) and this area was where most of the white people living in Harare would congregate and shop. The white people that live in Zimbabwe are called ´Rhodies,´ after John Rhodes the Englishman that settled the area prior to its independence in 1980. As we walked through the market I saw a blonde woman and thought ¨wow, she does not fit in.¨ After a moment I laughed at myself because somehow I felt that I fit in more than her.Tomorrow I am driving (actually the driver is driving I have not used my international drivers license yet) to Bulawayo and finally get to officially unpack my luggage. Every time I open the luggage it seems like the insides have thrown up on the floor. It will be nice to be able to unpack for an extended period of time. I am also anxious to get started working. All of the feelings you get with a new job are upon me. Will I do a good job? Am I going to get along with my co-workers/roommates? Do I know enough to actually do the job well? All of these questions will have answers soon enough. Until Bulawayo…


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