Saturday, December 24, 2005

Day 22.

Given, Thursday was a holiday Esther and I decided to take advantage of the free day and get out of Bulawayo. We headed to Matopos, the ¨view of the world.¨ I must admit it was very impressive. The area that held Cecil Rhodes grave is at one of the highest elevations which is surrounded by miles of plains. In ´backpackers guide´ it is said to be one of the most beautiful places in Africa. After the view was taken in and we enjoyed some oranges we headed to the wildlife reserve in search of rhinos. Upon entering the reserve we encountered a sign that said, ¨Do not get out of your car! You may be mistaken for poachers. Poachers will be shot on sight!¨ Hmm, I decided to stay in the car. Honestly speaking, I can not imagine anyone mistaking two whites girls in tank tops as poachers, but I was not taking any chances. After driving through rough terrain, small streams, over huge rocks (did I mention I was driving on the opposite side of the car with a stick shift!) we ran into a mother and baby rhino. It was very peaceful to see them grazing, but again we decided not to leave the car.

Esther was a bit more adventurous than I and walked around a bit more. As she did this I readied the get away car. Or so I told my chicken self.

I do want to wish all of my friends and family that read this site a very happy holiday season and please know that I am thinking of you all!


Blogger The Czar said...

I will be reading your blog everyday--and I am not going to tell you who I am, but you will have to guess who I am?!?! Every time I respond I will give you a clue as to who I am--todays hint is my blog name--although this is my first blog experience...I also love to laugh and your comment today "who would mistake two white girls in tank tops as poachers was very funny!!!! Love ya The CZAR

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