Thursday, December 15, 2005

Long day...

Sorry for the delay in posting the internet connection is so slow it makes it a bit tedious to write, but I will try to be better this coming week. My birthday was nice. I went out with some of the expats for a cocktail in the evening and had a nice time. It was not the same as celebrating in the states, but very nice none the less. I have attached a photo of the hallway at the clinic with people waiting to be seen.

Today was another day in the clinic and I am exhausted. It is such an experience to face people everyday who are fighting to have a normal life. They are battling so hard not only to stay healthy but also to provide food for their family. One woman I was speaking with today was three months pregnant with her third child. Her husband committed suicide last month due to a number of factors and now she is left trying to make a living by selling fruits on the side of the road in an effort to make a life for herself and her children, which are both under age 7. I try to not have a fatalistic attitude, but she is not responding well to treatment and I fear that her children will become orphans in the coming year or so. At least I know I am doing all that I can to help her. I just wish there was more that could be done within the country to make life a bit easier for her.
As a whole it is really not that depressing, but I imagine that in the coming year I will feel this way many times. This Sat is the youth party at the clinic for children with HIV. It should be a really nice event. There is going to be counselling sessions as well as games and a band that will be playing.
On a more personal level I have decided that I hate flies! Why they were put on this earth is beyond me. I find no value that they add and an almost constant irritation to daily life. I remember watching those commercials asking for donations to Africa and thinking, how can people not care about the flies that are walking on them? I for one care a lot. I find myself swatting at them consistently and on a few occasions accidentally hit the person next to me in my effort to shoo the damn fly away. I also think that I have a number of flee bites on my hands and face which leads me to believe that the bed I am sleeping on has flees. Yeah, gross. Luckily I am only staying in that bed for another 4 days. Tonight I will change the sheets and wash all my clothes.


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Hey NANCY NANCY - keep up the great work, sounds like an amazing experience. The boys miss you terribly. Nick says,"I love you BERRY much because you took me to mcdonalds and the zoo to make me happy. I miss you i love you i am sorry that i am not with you. You are awesome. I love you."Jack and Doug say I love you and you are our hero. The Seans and Mike say Hi it was fun to have thanksgiving with you." Love you Nancy - MD

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