Sunday, December 18, 2005

Youth Day....

Yesterday was the monthly youth day for the kids that are on treatment for hiv. It was such a great day. There were about 70 kids and the day consisted of some counselling sessions and performances by the kids and then there were three reggae bands that played for free for the kids. They loved the music and everyone was dancing in the courtyard. It is so amazing to me that these kids are so strong. They were all born with this disease and need to be on treatment for their entire life. I can not imagine how hard it is too struggle with that daily, but they do not let it show. Some of the kids were really sick and did not look healthy, but it was just so nice to provide a fun afternoon for them! I will try to paste some photos of the kids.

After the youth day me house had a going away party for the nurse that I am replacing, Kate which was also a lot of fun but in a different way. There was an African jazz band playing and we had about 50 or so people turn out. The after party clean up reminded me why I do not like to have parties, but at the moment it was a lot of fun.


Blogger diego the boxer said...

hey nancy - i really enjoy reading your entries... when i read them, its like im listening to you actually saying it. your work is a great thing, and you are doing a great job! just meditate when the damn flies are flying around you, dont pay attention to them! i can ship you some fly repellant wipes, how does that sound??? ok, take care, and eric, diego & i are thinking of you =)
love you - katrina

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