Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day 42

Well, I have mostly recovered from my first case of African illness. For the first three days of this week I was sick with a fever and diarrhea! Pleasant, yes I know. I did not eat for almost two days in fear that I would have to use the bathroom and the horrible paper that Zimbabweans try to pass off as legitimate toilet paper. I mean honestly, I never thought I would miss Charmin.
I did a test for malaria, but thankfully that was negative. I went home early from work on Monday and felt just horrible about it since I was seeing patients that are dealing with much worse illnesses and I could not muster the strength to stay past 1 in the afternoon. Tuesday was not much better. I was visiting a clinic to do an initial assessment on how MSF could assist them in bringing up to speed there HIV care and tripped down about 6 stairs. I have a wonderful bruise to show for it on my arm. When something bad happens Zimbabweans say ¨Shame.¨ Let me tell you how annoying that is! The last thing I wanted to hear in my embarrasment was a bunch of sick patients saying ¨shame.¨ In looking back it was funny though.
Today I was at the clinic again and working with one of the local junior doctors. It was a nice feeling to know that with regards to HIV, I am about on even knowledge level. Tomorrow I have to give two presentations to the local nurses on HIV pathogenisis and WHO staging of HIV. Yeah, I was not really sure what either of them were until about four hours ago, but by tomorrow I should be an expert. If all else fails I will just start to speak really fast since no one understands a word I say when I am speaking fast.
Here is a photo of the junior doctor and one of the patients I saw today. Take care and I love you all!


Blogger Mom said...

Mom says you didn't have to go so far away an attack of a stomach virus. I'm so sorry you were ill. It's no fun. We'll have to bring you some charmin. Glad you are now better!!

love you

5:15 PM  
Blogger diego the boxer said...

hi missy!
it has been a long week for me & eric since the new yr started... for some reason, we took this project of buying an apt here in nyc. yup, poor us are trying to buy a little 1BR apt for the 3 of us. so the last wk was spent going to open houses, talking to a lender, and dealing with an annoying broker (w/c we already dumped)... this wknd is our first wknd that we were able to relax and gain some weight...yup, both of us lost a few pounds from the stress (not to mention my pimple outbreak!)

girl, i wish i can help you feel better. do you have any instant soup or something like pedialyte? just make sure you always wear gloves OK (PLS!)...that maggot story was really gross!
and hey, the geckos are usually harmless... they're everywhere back home in the philippines =)

if i want to send you a package, were can i address it to?

i hope that by the time u read my note, u are feeling much better...

i miss you, and i'll pray for your director.
love katrina

9:55 PM  
Blogger Mhlanguli Ncube said...

tell me about the toilet paper. they may as well give you sandpaper to wipe your backside!

12:26 AM  

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