Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Day 64.

So, I realize that I have been posting some depressing ideas since everyone is writing me with ┬┤hang in there┬┤tones. It really is not all bad, just at times hard to see.
On a more amusing note... Yesterday the electricity was out in the back room so I decided to open the fuse box and pretend that I was an electrican. (yes I know I am exagerating a bit, but stay with me) Anyhow, one of the fuses was off so I tried to switch it on, and it sparked and turned off again. Now, the more prudent person would probably have thought something was not right here and stopped. Nope, not me, I persisted and made that switch turn on yet in the process blew out all the lights in the house. Our logistician, Brice, was not so amused. For the entire night we did not have lights, but oddly enough the sockets worked so we could have toast if need be. Then this morning the shower was all bone-chilling cold water and when we were ready to leave for work realized that one of the expats had locked the keys in the car. What next you ask? I will tell you. Tonight coming home from work the rain had knocked out all the power in the area and one of the ladies I work with called and asked why I had not just stopped at blowing the lights in my own house but moved on to the entire neighborhood... It was really a funny day. I can not wait to see what happens tomorrow. Missing you all, Nancy


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