Saturday, February 04, 2006

Day 66

Yesterday I received a package from my sister, Vicki. It was great to get packages from loved ones. In the parcel were girl magazines and two Oprah suggested books. I love my sister and it was so funny to see her personality coming through in the gift. The other expats and I were reading our horoscopes and for Feb if I am looking for love I am supposed to ¨buy that red dress and those sassy boots you’ve been craving.¨ Doris looked up and said ¨where are you going to get that in Zimbabwe?¨ If I find it I will let you know. Today I apparently have another package waiting for me, but this one has a tax of $4 million on it. I am not sure how they determine to tax one package and not another so I will have to go and try to sort it out this morning.

The other picture I am sending is of the children of the clinic writing memory books in the clinic. I have not asked whether it is a memory of their parents or for their parents. It just seems nicer to imagine the kids enjoying arts and crafts.I miss you all and love you. I can not believe that it is February already and I arrived in early December. Ten more months.


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