Monday, February 06, 2006

Day 69


This weeks proves to be a bit of a challenging one. Sunday, actually, started out great. Five of us went to an area called Lumeme Falls. As you can probably imagine it was a waterfall. We parked our car in the middle of nowhere (bush type country) and walked through a river then up a bit of a mountain to arrive at this waterfall and the pool just below it. It reminded me so much of a similar walk I did years ago in Hawaii up to Sacred Falls. It was beautiful and on the walk back to have some lunch by the car we ran into a family of Baboons. They were huge so we moved the car a bit away from them in an effort to not invite them to our picnic. Luckily, they had previous reservations under another tree.
Monday was the challenging part. I started work at the city clinic. I arrived with one of our counsellors and we immediately realized that much could be done to make the work more efficient. After being there for about 8 hours the head nurse came up to me and informed me that the paperwork (some type of indemnity form) was not approved by the City Council yet and without having that approved we would not be allowed to work in the clinic. I was actually told what if I feel down the stairs (which I did on the first day, however, I neglected to inform her of that) or the building caught fire. To the fire comment, I mentioned that my parents taught me to run away from fire. My attempt at humor was not appreciated. Anyhow, it looks like for this week at least the work is on hold. Towards the end of our meeting she was quite nice, but the politics of trying to help people is tricky here to say the least.
I miss you all and wish I could be there with you at minimum everyday, but I am also enjoying myself here in Zimbabwe as well.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we have a new team member. Constantine is from Greece and will be the new Education Officer here. Primarily her job is to do more of an activism role in the city. She seems nice, but having been her first day I really could not make an accurate impression given she was a bit tired. I was trying to remember how I was on my first day (that really long two months ago) but had a hard time recapturing my own initial feelings. .


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You are sooo funny--I love the baboon reservation line--I could say keep up the good work and your mission is so worthy, but I know you did this to see Zimbabwe for FREE--it reminds me of John Candy in Stripes--when they asked him why he joined the Army his answer "it was better then paying for the gym!" Love Ya Girl--but what happen to the flies!!

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