Saturday, February 18, 2006

Day 81

Living in a team is proving to be challenging and yet at the same time really nice. It is nice to live with people that are going through the same experiences that you are, but at times you want and need the seperation from work. I was making a cup of tea a few days ago for myself and two of the other expats and I realized that I know how these people take their tea. I have known my parents since birth and yet I do not know if they take one sugar or two with their tea. This forced intimacy is strange at times.
Work this week was completely exhausting, which is why I have not written in some time. We are planning a week long training at the end of March on HIV and ARV treatment. Elena and I were at work until 10:30pm on Wed planning for it and today I went into work and spent a few hours on the manual we are creating for the training session. I am so happy that there are people in the team that are willing to put in all of this time for work but in the same vein frustrated that not all of the team feels this level of commitment.
Needless to say, Friday a few of us had some much needed beers.

I heard from my mom that there was a huge snow storm on the east coast and it made me think of snow days off from school and wearing down jackets and hats and gloves. All of this reminiscing I did while scratching the many mosquito bites that have made a nice design across my ankles. The bugs are still here flys, mosquitos and geckos, Oh My!


Blogger diego the boxer said...

hi babe!
how are you? seemed like you were busy for the past couple of weeks. glad that i didnt miss too much entries u ;-)
well, when you come back from Z, you can make wanda & your dad coffe & tea, the way they like it...
im taking lunch now from a busy day at work... im eating leftover pasta that i made last wkend when kara & sebastian visited nyc. yup, we had a huge snowstrom 2 wks ago. central park got over 2 feet of snow, which diego loved! we took him outside and let him go wild in the snow!
i was in orlando last week for 4 days to attend the international stroke conf. it was a good conf, just boring to be alone. i got a some sun during break though.
dont scratch the insect bites too much... or else youre gonna have nice looking black spots on your skin. just slap them when they itch hehehe.
ok, always take care of yourself...

12:07 PM  
Blogger Kevin Kitcey said...

Hi Nancy,

All I know is that if I ever end up on an island after a plane crash, I wouldn't mind having you around to deal with any medical needs you can work on in a pinch. Guess you are receiving your McGyver medical training. But, if electricity was ever involved, I'll handle that. You know, there is a reason why a fuse blows? Overload of a circuit. Further overloading a circuit probably isn't a wise choice. Funny Nancy. Keep up the good work!


9:22 PM  

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