Saturday, February 25, 2006

Day 84

I have officially been in Zimbabwe long enough to go through an entire tube of toothpaste. Now, in all honesty, the house I am living in is nicknamed ‘Hotel California’ and given that I leave the toothpaste in the bathroom I am sure that I had some help in the usage. Still, measuring time by toothpaste consumption makes it seem like I really am not going to be here a year, just about 4 tubes worth of time.
Work is still pretty much the same, REALLY sick people that my heart reaches out to and the constant fight to motivate people.
This weekend I am going to the capital, Harare, to participate in a meeting being held between all the MSF sections in Zimbabwe (which is really only two but it makes it sound more impressive to use the word ALL). I am not really sure what the discussions are to be about. I have been reading the required pre-meeting documents, and it seems to be about the MSF policy of providing healthcare to people in need while at the same time trying not to get too involved in the political situation. Having said that, providing testimonial regarding the health problems populations face in direct relation to the policy of governments, is seen by MSF as one of its primary mandates so you can see how avoiding getting involved in the political situation can be a bit tricky.This week, as every week seems to go, I am missing you all very much and for some unknown reason also missing Craft Mac-n-Cheese. The instant cheese that looks an unnatural shade of yellow is still one of my favorite meals, especially if I add hotdogs. I will have to wait until I get home for that.


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