Sunday, March 12, 2006

Day 103

Wow, so I have finally made it past 100 days! I can not believe it. The time has seemed to pass quickly in one respect and in other respects the minutes drag on.
I got an email from my wonderful friend, Gabby, and she asked for more photos of where I live. So, I thought I would send some of the most essential places....the bathroom and the kitchen! (sorry could not make the photos right side up) The part I hate about the bathroom is that the shower head is only about shoulder level, so to wash my hair I have to contort my body. I guess I should appreciate the fact that I have running water though. The house is actually a great structure but the up-keep is a bit lacking. The electricity in the `family room´ does not work so if we are in there during the night it is all candle light and no electric sockets work. Apparently our logistician is working on that, but having difficulties with the owner of the house wanting to pay for it.

At work this week I was again introduced to the gross and gory. One woman came in limping and when I asked her what happened she told me that she stepped on a thorn. When she took off her sock I gasped and said. `Interesting, we need to take care of that!´ What I really wanted to say was, `how in God´s name did you let this happen!´ Her whole foot was infected and the open wound was about the size of a Big Mac (yes I am missing American fast food). Needless to say she is on some antibiotics now that I doubt will have the needed effect but may allow her to avoid going to the hospital. In the states she would have definitly been admitted for a few days for IV Antibiotics, but we are in Zimbabwe! The second more disgusting case was a man that told me he had a sore on his butt. When I examined him he had a huge sore that was tunneling into the tissue. I think it originated as some type of abcess but who knows. I recommended he go to the surgeon and get it packed. So basically this week I have not really been treating people living with HIV but more the gross ailments that just happen concurrent to the HIV disease.
As always, I miss you all more than I can find words for!


Blogger ddd said...

Hey your 1/3 of the way done. Congratulations. Love you and Miss you.

Big Brother

3:22 PM  
Blogger DFresh said...

Yo Gypsy Rose! Holla at you.

So, exactly how long does it take to mail a package to you???

Don't hold your breath, not going to send it until Monday (3/20).

You probably won't get it b/c it is 'da bomb. It will be intercepted by Customs who will happily discover it's not a bomb, but will confiscate it nonetheless as it contains quite the booty. Heard they really dig on the Easy Mac.

Anyway, trust you are well and I continue to enjoy your blog. Heading to the Four Seasons at Great Exuma in two weeks. Could've been there but for the children and the do-good thing.

Keep those tunneling abcesses at a distance!


12:28 AM  
Blogger diego the boxer said...

hey there!
oh girl, those gross sightings come in different sizes...though i guess it adds some diversity to your work, and keeps you more awake after checking them out...

what do you guys eat on a daily basis? or while at work?

how was the youth camp?

take care always! love

4:45 PM  

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