Sunday, March 26, 2006

Day 117

So, it looks like I have gotten into the habit of writing only on Sundays…sorry, sorry. The month of March (although it is almost over) has been full of activities and a bit stressful to be honest. Tomorrow we are starting our weeklong HIV training and I have been planning that and trying to make sure that no big problems occur. A new medical coordinator arrived to the team and while she seems to have a lot of experience her approach to me seems abrasive, so basically I am very happy that she will not be in the same city as me. My role here is changing into one of more advisor and less involved with hands on patient contact which is interesting, but I miss the more personal contact with the patients. I still manage to say hello to everyone that lines up in the clinic hallways and many seem to know my name by now…..Yebo Nancy….Which makes me feel very special although I am still not sure who they all are. At the clinic this week I did run into a few of the kids in my family (Bectemba and Marylynn) which was so great. They were there for their follow-up and to get supplies of drugs. The strength that those kids have is beyond admirable to me.
Today I went to the office to make a few extra copies for the training tomorrow and for the second time in four months I accidentally set of the alarm in the office. I thought that the security company would call and when they did not I was happy thinking that maybe I turned off the alarm within a certain amount of lee-way time….no such luck. About 10 minutes later two police officers arrived and asked me who I was? … was not really a problem though. About an hour later I was getting some stationary out of the locked closet (again for the training) and very efficiently locked the key in the cabinet. It was at this point that I decided I should not be in the office today and came home! I guess on a happy note it is nice to see that my somewhat clumsy side is fully intact here in Zimbabwe. Missing you all….and I will write to tell you how the training goes..


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