Sunday, March 05, 2006

Day 95

The weather outside is frightful! But the fire is so delightful! The last part about letting it snow is just going a bit too far for Zimbabwe. However the weather is very cold and we are all wearing jackets and scarves or kikoi´s which are kenyian wraps that can second as skirts/tablecloths/scarves. This is not supposed to be the winter season yet, but it does feel like it. There is a small fireplace in my room and last night I lit it with much help, but I still felt like I earned a brownie badge. Tonight I was not so lucky and the fire would not start. Since it was raining the wood was wet and the fallen tree that I drug home from my dog walk apparently was still too green. Maybe next weekend, because I am sure that during the week I will not want to put the effort in to making a fire.

Work is going along nicely if still stressfully. The nurses that take over the training for me when I am at the other clinic are not that organized and I am finding more problems when I get back to the main clinic. But, all of this is easy enough to solve with some creative thinking and encouragement….i hope. I love you all and miss you! I have attached a photo of my fire and two of the girls making soup.


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