Sunday, April 02, 2006

Day 123

I remember in college always wanting to go on an African safari. I talked to my mom about taking a trip for a few years, but it never was planned. Yesterday I guess you could say I went on a walking safari. I went to a natural reserve about 15 minutes out of the city and walked about two hours. About 20 minutes into the walk I ran into a family of 7 giraffes. They are such interesting animals. They were not to keen on having four human visitors so they kept their distance but we were able to get pretty close to them, which was amazing. Later in the walk I realized that I was spending the majority of the time looking down to make sure of my footing and not taking in the world around, so I decided to chance the occasional animal hole and look around at all the wild chickens and birds. No zebras were seen, and we were told that the big five (elephant, rhino, tiger, buffalo, and leopard) were not found in these areas. Still, I listened out for some roars, but did not really know what I would have done had I encountered any. My shoes were the only real weapons that I had and with my apparent interest in the rocks and holes at my feet I imagine I would have been hard pressed to part with them as well. It was a nice break after a week long training session that found me at the office at earliest at 7 am and latest at home from work at 9:30pm. The session went well though. We had about 40 participants and I think they enjoyed it and hopefully left with more knowledge than they arrived. It will be up to them to put this information into practice though. I did stop at the clinic this week for about a few hours and encountered a few of the teenagers in my family who warmly greeted me, Hi Mom! It made me feel special, maybe more so because I am not a mom and did not actually have to birth any of them. This weekend is the much anticipated Victoria Falls trip. Since I have been talking about it for what seems like an extremely long time I will be happy to be there and enjoy the wonders. Missing you all! Nancy


Blogger diego the boxer said...

hi nancy =)
wow, i've always wanted to go to a safari in africa... so far, the 2 safaris i've been to are: the great adventure safari in nj, and the safari at busch gardens in virginia! hahaha, but thought i saw lions and tigers at busch...

sounds like you had a wonderful time at the youth camp... im sure those kids are gonna remember their blond mommy =)

take a lot of photos when you go to your victoria falls trip! and send them right away!

iloveu, and take care always...
katrina, eric & diego

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