Friday, April 14, 2006

Day 134

So apparently all of these years I have been thinking that my friend Dewey was helping me measure, but thanks to my good friends in the navy I now realize that he was only assisting librarians in their efforts to catalogue endless books. Wow, you learn new things (or realize you must have been day-dreaming this day in primary school) everyday.

This week was an interesting and busy one with the Easter holiday coming up we are cramming 10 days worth of patients into 7. One gentleman came to my consultation with a lace scarf wrapped around his right eye and under his chin. When I asked him what was wrong with his eye he told me he had a tumor. Yes, I immediately thought of Arnold in ‘twins’ saying ‘its NOT a too-mor!’ Anyhow, I mistakenly asked him to see it. Oh….my…..gosh!!! This thing growing on his eye was enormous and bleeding. It was by far the most disgusting sight I have seen while I have been here. He is being followed up with the maxo-facial surgeons, but the poor man had to have a biopsy done twice since his first biopsy results never came back. As with all of Zimbabwe right now getting results is not easy since most places do not have the money for the reagents of the tests or the staff to perform the tests. I had no positive words for him. Then to top that I had a man come in who was loosing his eye sight due to CMV retinitis. I had to sit there and explain to him that there was really no treatment that would help and the medications that he was buying for over a million Zim may delay the blindness, but it was inevitable. Sometimes my job sucks. As a whole I love coming in and seeing patients because there are so many positive stories as well. For the Easter weekend I am headed up north to Lake Kariba with some of the other expats. I hope that you all have a nice Easter weekend!! Missing you, Nancy


Blogger Jessi said...

I was at victoria falls over easter last year!! I'm so jealous. Sounds like you had so much fun.
Just a quick note to say hi since I've been out of touch for so long.
miss you much!

9:56 AM  

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