Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day 147...back on track.

Who is this Murphy character anyway? On Wednesday of this week everything that could have gone wrong did. (yes I am slightly stretching that statement) I was at the local clinic and tried to move a desk a few inches away from the spot it was in and the whole thing collapsed and fell to the floor! The computer that was on it slid off the desk and hit the floor as well. As I stood there in shock the patients came in to help me. Thankfully the computer is fine, but the desk is in about 5 pieces. Then on the way back from the second clinic of the day our packed car (about 11 people in it) got pulled over by the radio police. Apparently you need a license to have a radio in your car (yup ours does not even work) and when the radio police man was speaking in Ndebele for too long I got out of the car and started to discuss with him....¨Sister, are you Zimbabwean? You may not know our laws.¨ Of course I am clearly NOT Zimbabwean with my blonde hair and my American accent MR. radio police.....needless to say I paid the $550,000 fine (all of about 3 US dollars) after arguing for 20 minutes with no luck. Then we get back to the office and we are in a slightly higher security mode since some men (who may or may not be potential thieves) came to the office asking for ARVs and counselling from none other than myself and one of the counsellors I work with! It is really not a big deal, but my goodness I was happy when Wednesday ended!
I am off tomorrow for two weeks to Cape Town to visit with my parents so I will tell you all about it when I get back!!


Blogger Sara Daley said...

Hi Nancy,
Paul gave me your blog info. What an exciting post-NOVA life you're having! I am glad to see you are doing so well. Would love to catch up-- Paul can give you my email info.
Sara (Midwood) Daley

9:48 AM  
Blogger diego the boxer said...

hi nance!
how are things? i was reading your past entries and really glad to hear that your parents are there to see you!
well, we've been sooo busy w/ work, & most recently, the apt =)
cant wait to see photos of you & your parents...
love you, and always take care...
katrina, eric & diego

6:40 PM  
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