Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day 172

These past three weeks I loved, I cried, I laughed, and I yelled. The first two weeks of May I spent in Cape Town with my parents and it was amazing! When I saw my mom I hugged her for longer than I have hugged in her in so many years. Although I strongly believe (at times) in the work I am doing the distance is just too damn far! We drove around the South of South Africa for two weeks and did everything from wine tasting to feeding elephants. I was the navigator and my Dad was the driver…lets just say there were a few sentences such as, ¨Dad, you were supposed to take that turn we just past!¨…..¨Shut up, Nancy.¨ And the funny part is that I loved every minute of those conversations. I attached some photos of our visit.

When I got back to work…(ugh, work!) we were in the process of reviewing our annual planning. This is where the yelling part comes in. The pseudo-management team (I say pseudo because at times I do not think the definition of management translates from English to Spanish in the same manner that I am accustomed to) discussed, among others, my changing role in the team, and I was not involved in this discussion, which annoyed me to no end. How people can discuss what you do and how it will change without your input is fascinating to me. Anyhow, the yelling took place (in my polite yelling way). The very next day I was in the last consultation of the afternoon when I was discussing with a patient his progress and how although he was not doing wonderfully he was not getting sicker as well which is to be appreciated. I asked him at the end of our conversation if he had any questions, and he told me, ¨well, none about my medications, but I have a personal question to ask you.¨ This is where I thought, great, he is going to ask me for money or a date or something…..he looked up at me and asked, ‘Is there hope?’
At that moment my stomach dropped and I realized again why I came here and that even though I may not agree with the internal political games that happen, it is for this man and the other individuals that we can help. This coming week I have to deal with some pharmacy ruptures and other time consuming and completely not exciting issues, but I am sure I will meet some more people that make me understand why I am a year away from family and friends


Blogger diego the boxer said...

nance - i was teary when i read this entry... im really glad that your parents were there for 2 weeks to spend time with you. now i have to say that i think you look like your dad =)) both of them are beautiful people - inside & outside, and just like you...
i think its always hard to answer that question your patient asked you. i always think that there is always hope for everything... just a matter of having that peace & acceptance within yourself, and knowing that even at the end, when life was just short for what you hope for, if im at peace, it'll be ok.

take care always & send me more pics!
love u

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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