Saturday, June 03, 2006

Day 185

June 3rd...Picture this surreal scenario. At the going away party of our boss we ended the evening dancing at a bar called the Brass Monkey. Between being flipped over my bosses hip where I thought I may not land on my feet like cats do (fortunately I did) and the song CaliforNIA the DJ put on Bruce Springstein´s Born in the USA. All the expats came to the dance floor and yelled NANCY. So, I danced in the middle of a circle of people ranging from France, Austria, Eqador, Argentina, Belgium, Spain, and Zimbabwe…of course in the middle of a dance floor in Zimbabwe.
It was very amusing!
I am going to try to put up a photo of a little girl that I saw at the clinic she was adorable.


Blogger Kellie d brogan said...

Hi Nance!
Once again you truly amaze me with the work that you are doing and the way you can tell your stories (I get captivated!) I saw Aunt Wanda and Uncle Vic over Memorial Day...we missed you but took lots of pics . Take care and oh by the way I showed the kids the pictures with the elephant and they think you are one COOL Aunt!!! Take care and be safe...we luv u!!!
P.S. Keep doing the Dunphy Dance !!!!

9:18 PM  
Blogger diego the boxer said...

hey there!
so excited that theres new entry from u! and what a cute babe =)
so are you going to have a replacement for your field coordinator? is it you?
well, continue the great work you are doing there... im really proud of you... and i cant believe youve been there for 6mos already! you'll be home soon dunphy!
take care always, and we love u girl =)

11:02 AM  
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