Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day 188

Given that the world cup is about to start I thought I would entertain you with our own private Zimbabwe soccer that has occured in our house. Well, to preface this.. there has been a battle between the rats that are living outside the house and trying to take up occupancy inside and the human inhabitants trying to keep the rats out.....so the soccer story begins.
The other day Miriam and I were chasing a rat out of the food closet with a broom. Amongst much screaming Esther came in and tried to help. She opened the side door and Vasilis stood at guard by the door where Miriam and I were pushing the rat towards him. At this point Vasilis took up the forward position while the rat was running towards him and kicked the rat out the door in full World Cup style......one battle won for the humans, but I fear the war may be lost to the rats. Missing you all!


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