Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 207

25 June, 2006

Yesterday a new baby was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia! Welcome to the world Katlyn Murray! (not sure how Jenn and Brian are going to spell that so I gave it my best)

My sister sounds great and I am so happy for her and her family. I asked my mom if having 3 granddaughters and 4 grandsons means she is now old? ‘Of Course Not,’ she exclaimed over the phone. I think I asked her the same question just six months ago at the birth of my other neice. I really am a pain in the ass sometimes.

I wish I could be there to see all of these babies being brought into the world, but in a few short months I will be able to hug them and tell them stories of how I almost hit four cows crossing the road on the weekend they were born. On second thought, I may have to make up a more exciting story since that exact event could happen right at home in Pennsylvania. This weekend I did have a close encounter with a few cows that were trying to commit suicide. It was dusk and I could not see them well until it was almost too late. Just imagine the scene, tires screeching, cows mooing, knuckles white on the car wheel. Luckily we all came out alive.

The economy continues to tank here. I am getting seriously worried about the people in this country. The inflation is out of control. At present on the parallel market the US dollar is now changing for $450,000 Zim dollars and next week it is supposed to go up to $600,000. I was talking to one of the ladies that clean the house we live in and she explained to me that almost all of her salary goes to food now. There is no thought of putting money away for savings, or education every dollar is put towards ensuring that food is on the table and there is a roof over their head.

Having said all that, I do have a special request for anyone interested. The childrens clinic has no toys. At one point there were a few, but they are old and not exactly what you would think of as cheerful. I know many people have asked what I need, but if you are still considering sending something to Zim (it may be costly through the mail) I would love for you to send some toys for the kids. Stuffed animals, childrens books, pretty much anything would be greatly appreciated!!!!! You can send it directly to me at 5 Vincent Ave,
Khumalo, Bulawayo,
ZimbabweThanks in advance, but no pressure, only really cute kids with HIV…I mean come on! Seriously just kidding, it is expensive to ship things out here.


Blogger Stephanie Williams said...

Hey Girl!!! Sorry I have not kept in better touch. I am in NYC!! Going well, miss you though. I have showed your blog to several people at work. We are all so proud of the work you are doing! I have loved looking at your pictures!!

I am actually glad I read your most recent entrance. I am planning to send you something and wanted to include something for the kids. Anything special YOU are dying for? I should be gathering stuff over the next couple of weeks.

Hang in there! Doing a great job!!!

Love ya, Stephanie

6:07 AM  

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