Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 259

My visit with Fifi is coming to an end and I must admit I am more than a bit sad! It is really interesting when you meet a friend that you get along with in such a way that at times you feel like she knows you better than you know yourself. I am blessed for some reason, thankfully.

The rest of the week, I found myself in a car for 5 hours on the road to UAE, eating under a big gold buddha, getting my pale pasty skin tanned at "Wild Wadi" water park, and dancing the night away at a triple-decker club called 'Trilogy'. I had a great time and will miss Fif and her family, who I have started to know more over the years.

I do have an all new respect for Fifi and in fact for all breast feeding mothers. The fact that your body produces such large quantities of milk is strange enough, but then add to that you are constantly thinking when can my baby feed, or when do I have to pump makes me respect all mothers in this state. I have seen Fifi pump in the house, pump in the car, pump when she wakes up, pump before she sleeps, and feed in between. God bless her! I will miss you Fifi.


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i can't see myself in the pics >(

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