Sunday, August 20, 2006

Day 260.

So I guess this means that I have 105 days left to go.....yikes, it sounds better saying that I have 3 months and even better to say that I have one tube of toothpaste left. I think I will stick with the toothpaste time line.

I arrived back to Bulawayo after another 18 hours in transit to a balmy 26 degrees C, which was a blessing have just left the 45 C stiffling hot as balls heat of Oman. I am not sure how I am feeling about jumping back into work. At this point I am just ready to go back and see my family. I know the way to cure this is to put all of my effort into work and just remember the people I am here to friend Morgan who has gained 20kgs since starting ARVs in April; Itai the teenager that is now skin and bones and hopefully still alive. Yup that was enough of a pep talk for I come work! As always missing you all so much that at times it is physically painful. Love, Nancy


Blogger Flous said...

hey nAncy... 3 months is nothing! u've already been there for 9 rite? the tube of toothpaste will run out in no time. really cant believe u work on a toothpaste timline, but hey ur friends with fifi so..... great to see u ;)

2:32 PM  

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