Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day 266

Living in Zimbabwe is having some added bonuses that I never calculated upon deciding to work here. My parents take care of everything! I had a hard time booking the flight to see Fifi – I called my Dad and he fixed it. I got a strange fee on my credit card that I have not taken out of my wallet since last year – I emailed my Mom and she fixed it. This is great!
My time these last few days at work have been spent primarily in pharmacy management, drugs come and I move them from point A to point B and then sometimes to a random point C if needed. Luckily I have the strong arms of the guards at the office to assist in the moving since my bicep muscles are not exactly something to write home about. Today I was dropping off some drugs at the clinic when a patient needed to be transported across the street to the hospital so we used the MSF car to do so. The women could not walk and bless her waited until her appointment date for her two family members to carry her into the clinic. Getting her into the tiny car was a chore and when we arrived at the hospital of course there were no wheelchairs in sight so her brother and I carried her through the hall to the casualty area (again, the lack of muscles is a big negative at times like this, I really need to do some push-ups or something). While we were putting her on the bed I managed to get myself directly under her so we were basically both lying in the bed. I looked at her and said, ¨I guess this morning you did not think you would be sharing your bed with me?¨ This at least got a smile out of her emaciated frame. The people here have an amazingly resilient spirit, unfortunately their bodies do not have the same resilience.


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