Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day 271

Today I visited one of our counselors in the private hospital. This is the nicest hospital in Bulawayo and having recently visited the hospitals in Oman where a private room not only has a view but waiting areas, and room for an entire Zim family this hospital with 8 patients per room was not that impressive. Although, given that the other two major hospitals in the area often use matressess on the floors if they do not find the bedframes it is ¨the nicest.¨ Anyhow our counselor has been admitted for about 5 days with fever of unknown origin, initially suspecting pneumonia, but now with pleural effusion it sounds more like TB. Considering 80% of TB patients are HIV+, I am thinking our counselor may need to use his own skills to assist himself.
I can only hope that he is negative, but the statistics are leading my common sense in the other direction.

I miss you all and love you more - Nancy


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