Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 272

Today was beyond depressing. The clinic opened the booking of new patients, and it was so sad. What I mean when I say opened the booking, is allowing more patients to register for ARVs in teh clinic. We can only accomodate 6 to 7 new patients a day and with the high demand have needed to close the registration many times. Today we booked through March 2007. Many of these patients will die before their registration day comes up and to hear the stories about how people got there at 4 in the morning to wait outside for 5 hours before anyone even saw them was so depressing. The AIDS crisis is overwhelming and there are not enough clinics providing care in the country and people are desperately trying to stay alive. The man in this photo wanted me to take his photo when I explained I wanted to share it with my headquarters so they could push to open more clinics faster.
So basically tonight I drank 3 glasses of wine and thanked God that I am alive and healthy.


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