Saturday, September 02, 2006

Day 273

I think I am too old to have a blog since I am not up to date with all the blog dialect, but I think I was tagged by Sarah so here goes.....

I am thinking about: how Zimbabweans do not fight against the wrongs done to them.
I said: Why would a grown man run after a giraffee?
I want to: Have a wine with my sisters
I wish: Everyone who needs ARVs could have them...for free.
I hear: My family is happy.
I wonder: How my neices and nephews look now.
I reget: Not too much right now.
I am: always a nurse.
I dance: at the movie rental place (today)
I sing: hardly voice is best left in my head.
I cry: Gosh, I can not remember the last time I cried....probably my going away party.
I´m not always: as organized as a I appear.
I make with my hands: baby blankets for my neices and nephews.
I write: in my blog to stay in touch with family and friends.
I confuse: the way home (yesterday took a wrong turn and 30 min later arrived at home)
I need: hmmmm...maybe a great love story...or is that too about a Carmen Ghia.

Hope you enjoyed.


Blogger diego the boxer said...

hi girl!
im still here=)
busy with work right now...
how are things?
thats great that you are thinking of working here...
i will certainly look for a job for you!!!
i miss you, and cant wait till your back here!

11:40 PM  
Blogger Flous said...

hahaha! trust me, i know bloggers alot older than u that are doing sillier tags. i liked this one, so i thought i'd get u to do it too! =D plus were still in our 20s rite? soon u wont be! so enjoy it! ;)
anyway... hope ur doing ok otherwise! oh and about new years 2008, haha ask me nearer the time! but for now, that sounds great!! =D

3:13 PM  

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