Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day 278

Botswana or Bust......There is an HIV conference in Gaborone, Botswana next week and my head of mission approved my participation which I am so excited about! There is only one hitch which would be the way in which I arrive there. One of the Ministry of Health doctors is driving and it would be so convenient to go with him but I am not sure if that would be allowed with MSF security guidelines. I hope that they do. I will keep you posted.

On another happy note, Konstantina found a dead rat caught in the trap this morning. Now normally this would not be something that most people are thrilled about, but considering our on-going battle (that we are usually not winning) with the rats this is a real victory!! So far we have caught one rat with some strange ¨rat glue,¨ the lazy old dog caught one, and this is the third. Three points humans.... Mind you the rats have eaten, multiple avocado´s, dog food bags, cheese, apples, pears, one back pack and the handle to the car door (not sure how the rat got in the car) so maybe I should not be adding up points and just focus on the small victory.


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