Monday, September 25, 2006

Day 297

I finally white water rafted down the Zambezi!! It was an amazing experience, but I realized that I am a chicken. Our guide would tell us to ¨Get Down,¨ which meant we needed to sit in the bottom of the raft and hold on for dear life. Basically I was in the ¨get down¨ position for most of the trip. Then our raft went over a class 5 rapid and flipped! We were all in the water and holding our breath. It was only about 3 seconds, but it felt like much more.
After the flipping incident I was much less afraid of the whole trip and was actually an active participant in the paddling. The climb (700 feet) out of the gorge gave my quad´s the stair-climbing experience from hell, but I made it to the top alive and in one piece. The trip home was also an experience. The car we took was overheating and we had to stop five times along the road in the middle of the bush and let the car breathe. The bush fires were around us and there was no cell phone reception, but at 7pm at night we arrived back in Bulawayo.

We arrived back in Bulawayo to see cars lined up in the fuel que around 6 blocks. Welcome back to life in Zimbabwe, lines for gas that last all night and all. To let you know the economic situation, the US dollar is now changing for $1,000 Zimbabwe dollars. The internet cost went up 2,700% because the suppliers had not paid the South African companies, so basically I will not be writing on my blog or typing emails that much anymore, and that is only if I am actually able to connect to the internet.
A few more great experiences and I will be out of Zim, back in time for Christmas and my 30th birthday in the states!!


Blogger diego the boxer said...

that was a wonderful experience to go rafting! im glad youre having a great time... cant wait till you are back!!!

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