Sunday, October 01, 2006

Day 301

I have lived for the past 301 days in the sun of Zimbabwe, the sorrow of Zimbabwe, the hyper-inflation of Zimbabwe. What have I learned? That is one of the hardest questions that I ask myself. I guess on the base level I have learned to appreciate the security of my existence, the love of my family and friends. When I look professionally, I have learned to love those who suffer from HIV and realize I would like to do more in way of assisting them. Personally, I have learned that I can actually live with 7 different people from varied backgrounds. Not always in harmony, of course, but living it to the fullest.

This weekend the presents my family sent were given out as gifts and the children loved them! They all wanted the sunglasses and the high-heeled shaped pencil sharpeners. The tennis balls were used as a game to assist with disclosure and fight discrimination.

Earlier in the week I was so mad I could have spit fire. I was working with a counselor at a neighborhood support group when one of the women, holding her 1 year old son, told me she had stopped her ARVs because she could not pay and was told that she could not receive them. We had a meeting with the city health department and they assured us that it would not happen again and that although the fee of $800 still is in place they will look into getting rid of it. I guess that is learning diplomacy on some level.

64 days to go!!! Missing you all!!!!


Blogger diego the boxer said...

eeey, its 60days to go from tomorrow!
everybody misses u nance!

i feel for you when the poor & the sick gets taken advantaged by other people... hopefully this lady won't lose any days off her life from missing the ARV meds...

8:29 PM  
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