Saturday, October 07, 2006

Day 307

- The HIV training course that MSF holds is coming to a close on Friday. I am so relieved! I know it is only 5 days, but it is exhausting for me to organize the speakers, invite the participants, track down the participants, track down the speakers, organize the teas (which is really not tea – Zimbabweans put half a glass of sugar and powdered milk into a mug and than the other half is tea…what comes out is more like white hot water, but everyone calls it tea) make sure the lady providing the lunch is on time, make sure the projector does not foul up, and finally sit and listen to presentations doodling on my pad so as not to fall asleep. In the end it is nice to teach people about HIV. I am so engrossed in HIV everyday that I find it surprising when health care workers that live in a 20% prevalence area do not know about it.On a funny note, I saw the Philadelphia eagles! Not in person of course, but on TV. It was the 4th quarter with 31 seconds to go on the Monday night game against GreenBay. The Eagles were winning! I was so excited and Juan looked at me and asked, ‘Ahh, you understand this game?’ Come on who does not understand…well apparently a few Spanish people. Oh yes, all this happened on a Tuesday night at 6pm….better late than never to watch Monday Night Football.


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