Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day 333

Today was a wonderful day! First of all the city clinic finally opened! I was not there for the first day because I was in Tsholotsho doing a few presentations for their HIV training week, but the doctor I work with was and she said it went pretty smoothly.
So after months of waiting we are finally going to be able to provide more people with the treatment that they so desperately need.
Secondly, I got an email from my brother saying how he forwarded my resume to the Clinton Foundation and by doing that fast-forwarded the application process and I will absolutely get an interview. This has been a good day.
On Wednesday I received the confirmation of my flight back states-side and I will arrive on the 1st of December into Newark. I can not believe that I only have about 25 days left in Zimbabwe. I spend about 3 days in Barcelona doing debriefings and then make the last leg of the trip on the 1st.

It is a good day, now only if I could sleep. The heat (which is over 90, and still hot at night) lately has been making it unbearable. See you all soon!!


Blogger diego the boxer said...

clinton foundation! great!!!
i saw this woman who presented this documentary at PBS about HIV in africa... im sure you'll be a great person to be part of it...
cant wait to see you!
im so excited for you... hope you get the job and move to nyc!

5:57 PM  

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