Friday, November 10, 2006

Day 341

So in three weeks I will be back in the states, at home. Hopefully I will be eating some pizza and having a Miller lite. Oh the simple pleasures in life!

These past few weeks have been action packed and heart warming! Last weekend I went back up to Victoria Falls to raft the Zambezi again. It was amazing! At one point our guide told us that the next rapid was the largest commercial drop in the world. When I asked him what that meant he told me that it was the largest drop in a rapid that is rafted for tourism. Yeah, I got the full brunt of that drop when I was holding on to the life line around the boat and felt myself suspended from it than just gave in to the Zambezi and got caught up in the rapid only coming to the surface a few feet from the boat, but it felt like I should have been much farther away, like in the Atlantic . Luckily, or not so lucky I should say, I was the only one in our boat that feel out on that rapid.

On the heart warming side we finally opended the HIV clinic! This week we put 51 patients on ARV treatment. One lady came into the consultation and said, 'I am so happy that you are finally open, and I am not dead yet!' I had to laugh because if I really thought about her comment I might cry. Everyone was so happy to be there, including me! My replacement comes on Sunday and I start my two week hand-over on Monday. Yikes, I do not even know what to say about leaving. I do know that I am thrilled about coming home though.
See you all soon!!!


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