Monday, November 20, 2006

Day 351

Eight days and counting! This week I have started the hand-over with Sharifa (from Wisconsin) and it is going well. I was happy to hear her say she was a bit over-whelmed solely for the reason that it reassured me that when I was overwhelmed last year it was completely normal.

We have opened Nketa clinic a bit over two weeks ago and put 103 patients on treatment so far. It is a fast start to the clinic, and will not continue in that manner but it was nice to end the mission on a high note like that.

This Saturday is a party at the house to say good-bye to myself along with our logistician, Brice who is leaving on the 5th of December. We invited the entire office and a few friends, which will be nice. Last year at this time it was my going to Africa party in DC when I actually started this blog……strange how quickly time goes by.

I have still not heard anything from the Clinton Foundation and maybe I should actually apply for more than just one job. You know, increase the odds of actually getting a job. I never did like that adage ‘don´t put all your eggs in one basket.’ Who would carry more than one basket of eggs anyway?!

I am practicing my Spanish and so far I have learned to ask for the luggage locker (at the airport), ask how much the luggage locker is, tell someone I am really hungry, and say my name is Nancy Dunphy. Extremely useful for next week in my opinion, however, maybe not so useful for trying to communicate in Spanish at any other moment in time.
Missing you all!


Blogger diego the boxer said...

hi nance
glad that youre coming home soon! back home, we're getting ready for the gobble gobble up festivity, filipino style. my parents are here so it'll be a big thanksgiving for my bro, sis & myself.
cant wait to see you... our apt is waiting for your visit.
love katrina

12:44 PM  

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